Saturday, July 2, 2011

The proof is in the pudding....or the lack there of

Hi my name is Jamie and I used to be a fatass. I even have the before and after pictures to prove it.:

BEFORE (Fall 2008):

AFTER (May 2011):

Sure, I "only" lost 37 lbs (went from 160 lbs to 123 lbs)  THIS time around. The first time I was fat and lost weight I lost 53 lbs but I only kept it off for less than a year because I just did not have the right approach to weight loss. I actually can not find the pictures of me when I weighed 180lbs circa 2004. I think in a margarita fueled ,skinny bitch rage I deleted them off the computer and burned the hard copies. If I find one, I'm not ashamed to share it with the world because I want people to know that I'm not some freak of nature, super human who runs eleventy billion miles a week. I'm a typical, red-blooded, American woman who loves food and loves alcohol and has had weight issues in the past.

So why did I create this blog? Its not to brag although I do feel as if I have every right to. I think its more to show people that if I can do it, anyone can. And to encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to start because there's no time like the present.  I also want to keep this blog as a place to talk about my running and my life journey. Why does anyone create a blog? Because we're all conceited and want to feel self important, that's why!!

So if you keep up with my blog you'll learn two things: (1) I have a dirty mouth and nothing about me is "G-rated" and (2) I run..........I run a lot because I'm currently training for a marathon ........OH and (3) I love to eat (and drink). Ok, ok that's 3 things but you get the point.

So let's get started............ I ran 10 miles this morning in the heat and humidity. What the fuck did you do today?

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