Sunday, July 3, 2011

Complaining is Not Considered Exercise

People are fat because they are lazy. Yes I know that there are individuals out there who have health problems and they may be the exception, but that probably makes up for less than 5% of the fat population (making up a statistic here). I was not one of those people, I was one of the lazy. Losing weight or keeping weight off is a simple math calculation: never eat (or drink) more calories than your body needs. When I was a fatass my typical diet included: Taco Bell, a case of beer, cocoa puffs, McDonald's, and of course Dr. Pepper. I estimate that my daily caloric intake was somewhere between 3000 and 5000 calories a day!! Its really no wonder I ballooned up like the fucking good year blimp in less than a year.

When I met my husband I had worked hard and lost all the weight that I had gained. This is probably why he was attracted to me in the first place. But love is a funny thing, it makes you lazy. I quickly slipped back into my habits and on the day that I walked down the aisle I weighed 160 lbs. Bless his heart, my husband never said a word about my weight.

Two straight years of inactivity and bad eating habits led to me being a fatass again and I finally got tired of it. I tried workout videos, I tried starving myself, I tried walking and I even attempted the Atkins diet. None of those things worked for me. I would be good for about a week and quickly fall off the wagon.

A friend of mine suggested that I sign up for a 5k and try to train for it using the Couch to 5k plan on the Internet. So July 9, 2009 I did Day 1, Week 1 of C25K. I got to somewhere around the 3rd week and couldn't do it. It was too much and I was too out of shape. I bought the book "Running for Mortals" and began the 5k run/walk program in the back of it and SUCCESS!! I ran my first 5k December 5, 2009 (ran the entire thing, no run/walk).

Since that day in 2009 I have run numerous 5k's, two 10k's, and two half marathons (and improved my time with each consecutive race). I would say that I caught the running bug. Honestly, once I made running part of my lifestyle and daily routine it was no longer a chore or an effort. It became something I did just like taking a shower or brushing my teeth.

So how about my diet now? What is it like? I don't really follow a diet. Because of my activity level, I eat when I'm hungry and I stop when I'm full. I never eat anything that's pre-processed and no fast food or cokes. Whole grains, grilled fish, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, chicken and lean beef are my typical foods now. Eating right isn't a science. There is no magic diet that you should eat. Eat like God intended for you to eat and you'll see the pounds fall off. God did not make foods that come in plastic wrappers and you shouldn't put those things in your body. With that said, we're all human and sometimes I do let myself have the things that are "bad" for you. Deprivation is a terrible deterrent and I know that if I don't allow myself to have that glass of wine or brownie once in a while I'll just end up eating a ton of other things in an attempt to satiate the craving and then eat the damn brownie eventually too.

I'm not here to tell you some get skinny quick, gimmick to losing weight and/or being healthy. Its hard work and it sucks at first but when you start seeing the results and feeling better as a result, its not work anymore. I promise.  So get off your lazy ass and quit whining about your weight because complaining never helped anyone lose weight.

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