Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mileage is up and spirits are high!

And I'm back in the game!! The last two weeks I've been able to log 25-30 Miles per week which is where I needed to be to start adding for the marathon training. I've been running through my pain and its really continuing to help my symptoms.

So in true race training form, I've made a spreadsheet!! I have somewhere around 14 weeks until race day and I have to make them count. This is week 2 of my spreadsheet and I've not missed a beat yet! As long as we can keep my symptoms at bay and my mind on track I'm certainly up for this challenge.

I must take some time to vent though. Its still HOT!! I'm ready for cooler weather and less humidity!! At this point, I'd take one of those two. They don't even have to come in pairs!! This week has been decent at 6am (somewhere in the high sixties) but give me a break already God! I'd also like to point out that taking off at 6am, its pitch black outside now. I'd like to be able to run in the daylight so cooler temps are what I'm begging for.

I signed B and I up for a 10k Sept 17 to kick off our running season! Fingers crossed for those cooler temps. I'd like to PR this race if I can.

Recap of last week or so:
Today: 5 miles
Yesterday: Rest Day
Sunday: 8 miles
Saturday: Rest Day
Friday: 3 Miles
Thursday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 6 Miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Monday: 5.5 Miles

Now that I"m caught up on the blog perhaps I can stick with posting on it!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Answers.....More Waiting.... But More Running too!!

All this waiting will drive a woman crazy!! Still no answers on my "recent" health problems. I say "recent" because we're getting close to the two month mark on the symptoms. My rash has gone away and the prednisone the doctor prescribed about a month ago really helped calm a lot of my symptoms. Now I have good days and I have bad days (for a while there, they were all bad). For instance, on Tuesday I was tired and hurting so bad that I was crying but today I was able to work 8 hours and run 5.5 miles. Also, most of the joint pain has settled into my hands and elbows and isn't so severe in my knees and hips anymore. This really helps with being able to keep running. You take what life give you I suppose.

On a very positive note, I have found that the more I run the better I feel (if I listen to my body and rest when I'm tired). Best of all, on the days when I run, my symptoms are less severe. So I'll keep pressing on and listening to what my body tells me.

I was able to get an appointment with a rheumatologist on September 16 so fingers crossed (if I were capable of crossing my fingers right now) that I get some answers. Until then, I'll just keep trying to take care of myself as best as I can.
So as far as I know I'm back on track with the running. Last week I did 25 miles (almost what I was up to pre-half marathon in the Spring) and this week I'm right at 16 right now and looking to get in 10-12 more for the week. I may actually bust out of my shell on Saturday and show up to run with the local running club. I'm getting rather tired of my reclusiveness (is that a word?).